#GetTheRestylaneFeeling - The Galderma Aesthetics spring campaign


Spring 2022 was all about the pandemic. Contact restrictions were widespread. Lots of people were afraid of having more contact than necessary. Many people attended their digital meetings in pyjama trousers. Looking good began to take a back seat. In a situation like that, how can you get people interested in beauty?

Creative Idea

We came up with a hope-inspiring and motivating slogan to encourage people to take charge of their own happiness again. “Get the Restylane Feeling” was rolled out across all media, from print, to sales, to social media. Sales was the personal transmitter of this motivational formula to doctors. As the primary target group, they were encouraged to deliver happiness, while patients were motivated to create their own happiness once again.


The campaign was a great success, bringing positivity back to people who put beauty at the top of their personal list. A significant increase in sales and lots of positive feedback on sales and social media channels proved the campaign right. And the customers themselves experienced happiness again.


Galderma Aesthetics


Branding, Visual Identity & Production


Early 2021