Dealerbook – The 3,700 g bicycle bible


The printed trade catalogue published annually by one of Germany’s biggest distributors of bike equipment has been a challenge for more than 18 years. This tome, which is now recognised as the “bible” of the bike scene, always has to incorporate the legacy of the previous year’s edition. And it has to be produced and digitally adapted in just three months.

Creative Idea

The basic idea was to make a 1,600-page reference work interesting as well as clear and easy to navigate, then combine this with up-to-date information to add spice to each edition. This would be accompanied by a digital version for a complete information package.


There is no doubt that the entire scene eagerly awaits this reference book each January. The Cosmic Dealerbook is essential to specialist retailers who operate in this high-end segment. That’s why the medium has been so successful over the years.


Cosmic Sports


Branding, Visual Identity & Production


End 2021