The new Epiduo Forte pack size – Now more in the tank


The fight against acne and its symptoms is a sensitive topic among sufferers, and many people hide themselves away when they have bad outbreaks. So it’s all the more important to equip doctors with good tools so that they can provide their patients with important, prescription acne medications that really last. The aim was to prominently position the antibiotic-free market leader’s new, larger pack among doctors.

Creative Idea

The idea was to use the slogan “Jetzt mehr im Tank” (Now more in the tank) to prominently communicate the new pack size. We pointed out that “the more you have in the tank, the less often you have to fill up,” which was designed to ease things a little for doctors and their budgets, because the less often a long-term patient has to come to the practice, the more time it leaves for advising other patients.


The slogan became well known and was well-received among doctors. It didn’t take much to explain the benefits of the larger pack. The campaign therefore achieved exactly what it intended. The new pack size very quickly became a top seller.


Galderma RX


Branding, Visual Identity & Production


Early 2021