GAIN web class – Platform for webinars


The coronavirus pandemic accelerated digital communication massively. The Global Aesthetic Injector Network, a training platform belonging to our aesthetics client that previously relied heavily on live training, faced particular challenges. It needed to seize the opportunity to set itself permanently apart from its competitors, many of whom are converting their face-to-face training fully into digital webinars.

Creative Idea

The GAIN web class was designed as a completely new platform in which training courses would be tailored specially for digital processes. It would offer not only webinars but also live streaming events, which would always be augmented by automatic delivery of the necessary information materials afterwards. GAIN web class participants would get certification as well.


This genuine digital training solution aroused a lot of interest. A large number of aesthetics practitioners registered within just a few days to gain access to specially staged training courses and to benefit from an extensive database of guidelines, promotions and marketing materials.


Galderma Aesthetics


Branding, Visual Identity & Production


Early 2021