Counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets seized in Italy

On 16/11/2017, the Guardia di Finanza secured over 700 counterfeit EPAL pallets in Civitanova Marche, Italy. The counterfeiters had bought pallets from an unknown source and branded them with the EPAL logo and the ISPM 15 stamp. Pallets and stamps were seized and the counterfeiters were charged with selling counterfeit goods.


Wood price index increases to record level

The latest sector index of the German Bundesverband Holzpackmittel, Paletten, Exportverpackung e.V. [The Federal Association for Wooden Packaging, Pallets and Export Packing] recorded an increase in the price for solid wood such as for pallets, of 3.8 percent for the fourth quarter of 2017 compared to the previous quarter. Within a year, member companies have reported prices climbing by nearly 10 percent (9.7 percent). Staff, steel and transport services are also more expensive, as corroborated by a recent sector analysis. EPAL’s French National Committee already published a press release on an analysis of the sawn timber price in September this year. You can read the press release here.

Tightening up the import regulations for wood packaging material into the USA

The stricter import regulations for wood packaging into the US came into force on 1st November 2017. Infringements against the ISPM 15 phytosanitary standard now incur more severe penalties. With the tightening of this regulation which came into force on 1st November, a financial penalty amounting to the value of the goods of the intercepted consignment will be payable, even for a first infringement. You can read the press release from US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in English here.

Empack & Logistics, Porto

The biggest Portuguese trade fair for packaging, intralogistics and logistics, Empack & Logistics, took place on 20 and 21 September 2017 at the Exponor exhibition site in Porto. This relatively new trade fair in Porto was a success with more than 130 exhibitors and 4,000 trade visitors. Attending this trade fair in Porto was of particular importance for the Portuguese National Committee, and a good opportunity to present the benefits of EPAL pallets as well as the EPAL system overall.

EPAL at the Hay Festival in Segovia

The EPAL logo could be seen all over the Spanish town of Segovia during the last but one weekend in September at the international Hay Festival: on banners, flags and on thousands of EPAL pallets which had been used to build the stages and lounge furniture. The Spanish National Committee ensured that a myriad of installations were made from EPAL pallets for the performance areas at the 12th Hay Festival “Imagine the world”. More information …

EPAL goes hip-hop: Faro Urbano, Valladolid, Spain

For the last eight years, fans of Spain’s hip-hop scene have travelled to Valladolid in July for the urban dance festival “Faro Urbano”. The festival is one of the biggest events in the hip hop world. EPAL’s Spanish National Committee again sponsored the festival with EPAL Euro pallets. The festival is advertised on all social media channels. More information …

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