EXHIBITION | transport logistics 2017

As part of transport logistic, the world’s leading trade fair for logistics, Reinhold Messner, extreme mountaineer and brand ambassador for EPAL load carriers, inspires the public and our customers. He impressively builds the bridge between his expeditions and logistics. Under the motto “SAFETY FIRST”, EPAL is positioned for safety and quality in logistics and underlines this with an individual exhibition stand made of Euro pallets. Under our project management, the logistics fair becomes a sustainable success from the design to the live event, through to post-processing.

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Dealerbook | 2018

How many bicycle products fit in a print catalogue? All of them! When we started in 2003 with the first catalogue for our customer Cosmic Sports, the total volume was still a manageable 84 pages. Today, there are 428 premium brands on 1,268 pages, divided by a clear brand register. 3,300 g bicycle bible with over 12,000 products in different colours and sizes. The whole thing is also available as an e-paper with interesting editorial content. 800 hours of work packed into 3 months. A project where the years of experience in customer-agency collaboration pays off every year.

Online catalogue

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Customer-oriented worlds of experience with needs-based product staging. These are the factors that make the success of a chain store in bicycle retailing. Since 2010, we have been planning the staging of our branches throughout Germany for our customer Lucky Bike, and we have supported the customer from the first building inspection through to the grand opening. Reinforced by Ambient Marketing, the lasting success of each opening is ensured.

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Website | 2017

The European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL) awards the licences for the production and repair of EPAL load carriers worldwide and organises the open load carrier exchange pool. Without EPAL load carriers, nothing in logistics would work and supermarket shelves would be empty. As the lead agency of EPAL, we are responsible for developing and designing international B2B measures. For example, under our project leadership in 2017, the EPAL international website was completely renewed and prepared for integration of national representative offices.

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A self-confident image is the most important prerequisite for successfully communicating with adverts in a B2B environment. The most important attributes of the product need to be understood even faster and even more intensely. With strong headlines and a recognisable campaign design, we were able to highlight the strengths of the EPAL system and communicate it, leaving a lasting impression, in the leading specialist and business media.

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With more than 24 branches, Radlbauer and Lucky Bike are among the largest chain stores in Germany. Transport advertising plays an important role in the regional communication of the individual branches. For example, since 2017, a fully occupied tram has been promoting tram rides to the Augsburg peaks, where people can experience seventh heaven in a castle. This promotion has enabled them to continually increase their visibility in the railway network.

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BRAND AMBASSADOR | Reinhold Messner

He was the first person to climb all fourteen eight thousand metre high mountains without bottled oxygen, and he has crossed the Antarctic, Greenland and the Gobi Desert. Reinhold Messner, extreme mountaineer, cross-border commuter and, since 2013, brand ambassador for the load carriers of the European Pallet Association e.V. (EPAL). No other personality embodies so many attributes of the EPAL world. Reinhold Messner stands for ecological thinking, resilience, quality and social responsibility. This strengthens awareness of the EPAL brand. In close cooperation with our customer, we successfully integrate Reinhold Messner into the association’s communications and coordinate event appearances and advertising campaigns.

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