Social media support for Galderma Aesthetics


The voices of digital media influencers like the Kardashians have become so loud that addressing specific target groups digitally is now either very costly or ineffective. It is necessary to take a targeted, almost surgical approach, so as not to burn up endless capital trying to influence the aesthetics business.

Creative Idea

The focus was on motivating and activating specific influencers who themselves enjoy a wide reach and are considered opinion-leaders in aesthetics. Content in a dedicated channel was coordinated with simultaneous B2B campaigns. The target group was activated by high-reach profiles, and guided to dedicated content which in turn activated dialogue with those people. The dedicated channel became successful, supported by prize draw promotions.


Numerous potential customers were addressed and activated very specifically in a fiercely contested special interest segment. Growth of 200 percent was achieved and the number of followers tripled within one year. But the campaign’s foremost outcome was permanent dialogue with the target group.


Galderma Aesthetics


Branding, Visual Identity & Production


Early 2021