Summit Show – Interactive product presentation


Trade fairs were a dead loss in the pandemic, which was especially hard on suppliers who are oriented around the retail trade. Sales conversations were mainly online and lacked the usual lively exchange. The aim, therefore, was to develop an alternative event which could replicate the appeal of trade fairs.

Creative Idea

We developed the digital Summit Show as a navigable streaming event. Given that not every specialist retailer is interested in every one of our client’s 40 brands, we enabled participants to navigate to the new video presentations they were interested in while streaming. The idea was to have the show presented by a well-known professional from the scene.


With Tibor Simai as its host and the CEO of Cosmic Sports as co-host, the show was an instant hit. Streaming rates occasionally maxed out. The client was able to generate numerous leads and has already booked the next show with us.


Cosmic Sports


Branding, Visual Identity & Production


Mid 2021